Monday, January 24, 2011

Momentum Marketplace

Momentum Marketplace is where I spend a lot of time on weekends working on the side of school. Every weekend I meet people who have never knew that the shop existed. I intend on letting the reader know what I think this shop is from my point of view.

Momentum Marketplace is a skateboarding and clothing store. The word that comes to mind often is "different", it has a unique insight on skateboarding. When I first began skateboarding I liked core skateboarding companies and as I got older my taste in brands changed slowly. I became interested in the California skate culture. Companies that didn't sell skate product but still influenced a lot of skateboarders. If you look at companies like The Hundreds or 10 Deep, they are not necessarily skate brands but later evolved into that. I liked this a lot, it's another side of skateboarding. A lot of skateboarders care about portraying an image and Momentum Marketplace is able to help those people do so. I enjoy being involved in a shop that represents different brands, in a way it is me representing myself.

Here are some photos of the inside of the building:

R. Mack

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