Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Taste: Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery

Prairie Ink is located in our own McNally Robinson Bookstore. My girlfriend I went Christmas shopping for a book and she had the idea of having supper at the restaurant. Prairie Ink has that coffee house feeling, the seating and location does not make it feel like a restaurant. The prices of a meal begin at around $11 or $9 for breakfast but come in hand with good service and a good meal.

The menu created some problems for us. It was larger than expected and gave us plenty of options. The salads, sandwiches, wrap/pitas, pizzas and desserts caught my attention. When it came down time to order we chose to share the BBQ Chicken and Swiss sandwich and the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap with caeser salads on the side. I enjoyed the sauce on the sandwich but found the chicken was too dry and my girlfriend also mentioned how she was not pleased and would not order it again. The wrap on the other hand was magnificent. The menu describes it as "A melange of oven roasted roasted peppers, tomato, red onion, zuchinni and mushrooms wrapped together with goat cheese and sun dried tomato pesto in a salsa tortilla." A main reason why I enjoyed it so much was because of the fresh pesto. The caeser salad was one of the best caeser salads I have eaten in a while. It did have quite a bit of dressing but it went well with the slice of lemon and it was an adequate sized serving.
After viewing their website, it shows that they provide live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. Grab a book and enjoy a nice meal, I am planning on doing that the next time.

R. Mack

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