Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adidas adiZero

If you don't know us personally then you wouldn't know that we play soccer/futbol/football -- "we" as in Ryan and I (Dallas, occasionally). I recently purchased Adidas' Black/Warning Leather adiZero boots. They arrived in the mail yesterday and this morning I wore them for the first time at the Sasktel Sports Centre.

The weight is astonishing at 6 oz which is even more mind blowing when compared to Nike's Superfly II's 7.8 oz. Plus they're made out of leather, unlike the Superfly's synthetic skin. Some say that cleats don't determine how well you play and things of that nature. I respectfully disagree as these boots honestly feel like you're wearing nothing; barefoot. Therefore: every aspect of my game felt more natural and that has to do with the boot's light-leather construction. You really get a great feel for the ball. Of course with every new "super-lightweight" boot, you feel like you are as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo Thierry Henry, but hey, that's just an additional psyche boost.

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  1. I think you've mistaken Henry with Ryan Giggs - the Welsh Wizard.