Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick Ups

A partial reason for going to Calgary was to purchase some goodies for myself and others. I went to Group Seven to grab my brother some tees at their new location, but then began looking at some Stussy gear for myself. I found this Stussy varsity sweater and my cousin bought it for me for a gift, I am very appreciative about it. It's not too thick, perfect for spring or fall. It fits slimmer and goes with a lot of my wardrobe.

 My second purchase was a surprise to me. My cousin took me to a camera stores because I was interested to see if any Canon S95's were in stock. They happened to to have it in stock for a reasonable price, along with their lack of PST. I had to think hard about my budget and whether or not I could actually afford it. I decided I was able to and have been very happy about this purchase considering the fact that I have been looking at it online for the past three months. Expect a lot of pictures on posts with my new toy.
I have one more item that was purchased this weekend, it will get it's own post sometime in the next two weeks. Holt Renfrew has promised me that I will receive the delivery soon.

R. Mack

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