Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Taste: Tubby Dog

Just the other night in Calgary my cousin had been dying to take me to try Tubby Dog. It has a 70's diner look almost like Saskatoon's Broadway Cafe. Inside there is loud music playing old school hip hop. It's a very filling mealing, where there are more contents than the hot dog itself. There is a classic meal and a weekly and a monthly special. Here's a look at the menu:
We ordered the Sherm's Ultimate Gripper, A-Bomb, PBJ and Yam fries. The Gripper was mine and it was a complete mess! I was so full but enjoyed the hot dog a lot. I don't advise you to eat this often but it is always nice to treat yourself every now and then.
 Ms. Pacman, Rampage, Super Mario Bros. & Pinball

 Yam fries with sweet Thai sauce
 PBJ with Golden Graham Squares
PBJ & The Gripper

R. Mack

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