Monday, January 17, 2011

Dakota Dunes

This past weekend I had heard a lot of talk about the Dakota Dunes Casino. Most of the talk was about people mentioning how they lost more money than they had intended to. I for one have only been to Dakota Dunes a couple of times, mainly for the experience. While talking to people about the casino, I recently learned about the player's club card. The card is free and is used to give the consumer an incentive to come back. The thing that really caught my attention was the free soft drinks when you visit the casino. Last time I was at the Dakota Dunes Casino I was complaining about being thirsty but was saving my money for gambling and appetizers at Bacchus. Next time I go, I plan on signing up. The card also offers:

  • Earn points, redeem for cash!
  • Free coffee and soft drinks while you play at any of our six casinos
  • Discounts* at preferred hotels, gift shops and restaurants
  • Enter to win daily and major draws
  • Qualify for special giveaways reserved only for Players Club Members
  • Invitation to Members-only events**
  • Newsletters featuring upcoming events, coupons and more!*
It also contains cash back program, but I am sure you have to spend a fair bit to receive money back.

R. Mack

1 comment:

  1. I need this... HAHA. Hopefully I can actually make $55 back in soft drink form... Everytime I get thirsty I will drive up to the Dunes... until I can say I earned back all the money I lost.