Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vamps, Tramps and Nerds - Halloween Cabaret

Go to UofS, have a costume and don't know what to do on Halloween night?

Come to the Vamps, Tramps and Nerds Halloween Cabaret that takes place at Sutherland Hall at 8pm, Wednesday October 31st.

Tickets are $10, head to the tunnel (wherever that is, I didn't go to UofS ok?) and snag one. Drinks a $3 all night, so that's the best deal you'll find anywhere.

And my stupid ass is gonna be spinning. So expect some catchy fun time hits which I will guarantee you will not hear anywhere else in the city.

Word is bond.

Excerpt from the Facebook Event Page:

An event borne from the minds of the Biology, Geology and Chemistry student societies. Guaranteed to heebie your jeebies!!

Come join us for LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD, AND DRINK at the Sutherland Hall for your Halloween Entertainment! DRINKS ONLY $3!

PRIZES will be awarded for best costume - including a $100 gift certificate to the campus bookstore FIRST PRIZE FOR BEST COSTUME!

****TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM THE BIO LOUNGE (Bio Room 248) THE CHEM LOUNGE (Thorv Room G6) AND THE GEO LOUNGE. ALL TICKETS $10 - And if you're a member to any of these three clubs, YOUR FIRST DRINK IS ON US!!!******

Bring your friends! Bring your enemies, get them liquored up, and settle your differences!

Doors open at 8!


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