Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Mizuno Neo Estrela

I just received these Mizuno's this past month, so I seemed fitting to do a review for all of those players looking for new indoor boots.

Not this boot specifically, but the Neo series looks to find the consumer who wants a lightweight leather boot. This one weighs in at about 6.5 oz, I remember owning Vapor III's and IV's (lightest at their time) which weight between 7-8 oz. You can actually feel the difference in weight from wearing a standard cleat to putting these on. The Neo shoes were made by slimming down their classic Morelia model. The shoe is currently being worn by Hulk. The model I have is one tier lower (Japan exclusive) using a full grain leather instead of a kangaroo leather. The Estrela also has HG (hard ground) studs and are meant for artificial turf.

I went up with a half size larger than usual. They have a normal width, I didn't need them to widen at all. That being said, the shoe only molds to your foot. It won't really stretch.

Breaking In
It only took me a couple of sessions to break in. I have played three small sided games and kicked balls around Forest Park twice. I will mention that the sole is kind of stiff at the start, so do some running around your first couple of times wearing them rather than juggling and shooting balls. The quicker they break in, the sooner that they are match ready.

I paid $160 for my pair, which I thought was quite affordable for a top level boot. For most lightweight boots regular price you are usually looking at $200 minimum.

There are many positives. To begin with, the boots are affordable for being a high tier product. Another positive is that it is both lightweight and leather. On top of that, the leather is soft. Lastly you can wear them straight out of the box, there is zero stud pressure.

The only disappointment I have found so far is the support system. It is no more than a thin insole, but not as bad as the F50 adiZero lightweight insoles. They are still comfortable but comparing it to a Nike Zoom Air, it really doesn't compete. If you are a defender (or just wreckless) and think you may get a lot of studs to your feet, I would recommend a boot with a thicker upper.

This boot was a test to see how I felt towards Mizuno and lightweight cleats in general. So far, I am happy. I would like to see Mizuno enter the North American market in the next couple of years. To speak on lightweight boots, I enjoy them but have found that it is not a top priority anymore when making purchases. If you play soccer and are looking to try something different, I recommend you look at the Mizuno line. I enjoy mine so far, and my brother seems to love both of his pairs.

Yours Truly


  1. I'm looking for Mizuno golf pants for men. I've heard such great reviews about it. On the other hand, this pair looks as equally stunning as the other Mizuno apparels I checked over the web.

  2. Mizuno shoes are always comfortable on the feet. Before I bought my first Muzino pair, I read some reviews about it, and all of them are positive. Good to know I'm investing on worthy shoes and gym clothes.

  3. Wearing the appropriate footwear is a must for each particular sport. Football shoes should be light and unencumbring but at the same time should have the strength to provide support during excessive play. I'd consider Mizuno's footwear for sure!

  4. I've tried these shoes as a substitute for my golf shoes, and I could tell you, they're really comfortable! I wouldn't mind being out of style, since it's all about comfort and being free to do your sport!