Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's Chat: Traffic Bridge

I just learned today that the Traffic Bridge, or the Victoria Bridge, is set to be dismantled today (Oct. 4).

This particular bridge scared the crap outta me whenever I had to drive across it. And when I had heard that it was being closed down, it didn't surprise me.

This was the the first bridge built in Saskatoon, which was meant for carriages and horses and stuff. And I guess fast forward to today, it was a bridge of romance for people young and in love. But I never got any of that and so this will forever be the scary bridge until its very last beam is taken down.

Seriously, the thing looks like a prop out of Silent Hill.

I walk by it every morning on my way to work and I'm sure that if I inhale the air around the bridge long enough, I will get tetanus. It's probably also being held together by asbestos covered with lead based paint.

But I will admit, it'll be weird walking across the Sid Buckwold Bridge and not see that frightening bridge. It'll be weird driving across the University Bridge and not seeing those silly lights.

But all things have an ending.

What do you think about the dismantling of the bridge? Feeling nostalgic? Let's talk about it.

TTYL Traffic Bridge.

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