Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SSSAD: High School Soccer

Personally for me it has been a while since I played a high school match. So to keep myself a part of Centennial Collegiate, I have been coaching with some friends the past year and the present one too. Remember how fun it was, having the chance to support your school and playing against friends from the same club for once? I miss it.

Now this might be my last year coaching because it's my brother's last year in high school. And based on how the season is going, any game could be a last one now that playoffs have begun. The top four teams (Centennial, Evan Hardy, Holy Cross and St. Joes) are neck and neck and all four have reached the semi-finals. So this Thursday night you can come check out some games if you enjoy soccer or support one of these schools.

Yours Truly

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