Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just a Taste: Spicy Garden

Spicy Garden can be found on 8th Street right off of Cumberland. It's in the same shopping strip as Safeway, Yip Hong and Original Joes.

The restaurant itself is very small and congested. It gets filled up fast considering the amount of seats that are available. But the service is good and it seemed like everyone in the restaurant were enjoying their meals.

The menu is very large. They serve Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. There was an assortment of soups (including Tom Yum and pho), vermicelli/bun, rice dishes, noodle dishes and even have a vegetarian section.

I ordered the house special vermicelli which was two spring rolls, beef, chicken, prawn and vegetables on noodles. It was pretty good, but I found that the serving was small for a house special but then again it was only $8.95. On a positive note, the shrimp was large, the beef was savoury and the spring rolls stayed crispy.

The food and service is good, but try to show up before the supper rush if you would like to grab a seat quickly. I also noticed that you can make reservations if you know you want to go in advance. The menu is gigantic, so I know there is something for everyone at the Spicy Garden.

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