Friday, July 13, 2012

A Taste of Saskatchewan: The Experience

I went for lunch today at A Taste of Saskatchewan and it was awesome, the weather was beautiful, it wasn't too busy and they had live music. I talked to a lot of people about there experiences and have had heard an arrange of responses from amazing to terrible. I for one had a pretty good experience. I had a donair from Sardinia which was basically a meal itself and a little combo appetizer at Royal Thai. Both were good but the beef jerky in the dish from Royal Thai was awesome, the meat was spiced and seasoned very well. It's not just the food that makes it fun, it's the atmosphere. Children can play and laugh, there is entertainment on the stage and everyone was happy overall. This event is sticking around until Sunday, so you still have time to get yourself out there.

Now is it possible for Saskatoon to have a food truck festival?

Love the North


  1. Good: -stirfry beef on rice from Seoul was AMAZING

    -espresso gelato float from Cafe Sola is
    super refreshing

    -Joey's Only shrimp

    Bad: -Dakota Dunes bannock taco, frybread was
    stale and dish was very messy

    - Saskatoon berry iced tea, very tasteless