Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a Taste: Go For Sushi

Go For Sushi is on 8th street in Grosvenor Park Mall. 

The entire place is dim. It has a really clean look, especially in comparison to other all you can eat sushi restaurants in Saskatoon. The TV there was even playing the Chelsea vs PSG match. They give you a black pencil and an erasable menu and you select the amount of each dish you want to order. When you are complete, waiters come pick it up and return to you a blank menu. Servers are the same almost every time I go, they're always polite and helpful.

The menu consists of sushi, sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, soups and vegetables. There is also a buffet that contains many things that you would see at a Chinese buffet and fruits, vegetables and desserts.

This time around the food was awesome. We ordered different dishes of sushi, my favourites are always yam, green dragon and rainbow rolls. Tempura (battered vegetables and seafood) is always delicious too. The buffet was also very impressive this time around, they had salt and pepper squid and snow crab legs! I recommend that you go with a group of friends or family so that you are able to try multiple dishes. Underneath are photos of some of the food we ordered.

 Seaweed Salad

 Salmon and Avocado Sushi



 Beef and Zucchini

 Yam Maki

 Green Dragon Maki

As for now, this is my favourite all you can eat sushi restaurant in the city. Why? Service is good and helpful, I am stoked on the crab buffet, the restaurant is the nicest and the quality of food.


  1. Went there once last summer(third time there) and I waited half an hour without food. Finally, one of the servers apologized and asked me to place my order again cause they lost out menu. The food is better than new island, but they lost me on service.

    1. That's unfortunate. Maybe give it another shot one of these days?