Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

There's no denying that this summer is the summer of superheroes. The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man.

I will say this now, The Amazing Spider Man is definitely no (The) Avengers, but that being said, it's still a good watch.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from a friend saying that there were advanced screenings of The Amazing Spider Man for 8:00PM. I didn't think I had anything to do yesterday, so I agreed to go.

The Amazing Spider Man is a reboot of the Spider Man film series, starting off with new cast and directors. Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker / Spider Man and Emma Stone plays Parker's original love interest, Gwen Stacy. So it's the whole origin story all over again, but this time with The Lizard as opposed to the Green Goblin like the first trilogy.

The Lizard is an excellent stepping stone for the first of this series, he's not too critical of an antagonist, but is still crucial to the development of Peter Parker's story.

Remember this show?

Well the first bad guy was The Lizard. So there we go.

This movie did a way better job of portraying Spider Man than the previous trilogy in the fact that he is more of a wise cracking smart aleck than some sort of introverted teenager.

Also, he made web shooters. They weren't natural web shooters like the other movies. That always bugged me.

Hell, even the fighting scenes in the movie felt more like Spider Man than the last movie despite it being 85% CGI. His fighting style was a lot like a... well, a spider. Instead of kicking and punching, Spider Man was all over the place, completely utilizing his environment to his advantage as he should be.

In its own way, this movie subtly set the tone of what's to come in this new series of films. The most significant of it all had to be the nonchalant introduction to OsCorp, which is Norman Osborn's (The Green Goblin) company.

So you know The Green Goblin is gonna pop up. Maybe the next movie? Maybe the one after that.

Alright, maybe I compared this movie a lot to the original series, but that doesn't mean you absolutely have to watch the original series to like this movie.

It stands on its own as it should, seeing as it is a reboot, with new characters and stories.

Should you go see it? Definitely. Instead of Hollywood butchering most adaptations of novels, movies or video games, this movie will give you the same feeling as if you were reading the comic books.

Case and Point
The Amazing Spider Man is: as close to reading a picture book you can get without the reading part.

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