Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Activities

Winter is here, whether the snow fall isn't or not. With each day passing, my finals will soon be completed. This will bring me to the holidays. I have been getting prepared to. Not only have I began Christmas shopping but I have my snowboard ready as well as new skates and hockey stick. I managed to find some unused skates off of Kijiji and gave them a whirl just the other evening. I haven't been in a pair of skates for about five years so I felt that it was about time.

 Dallas and I went to hit a puck around at Brunskill School's outdoor rink. It's the best outdoor rink that I have been to in a while, but is also quite busy. Going through Saskatoon Tweets though, I found out that Brevoort Park just had their rink flooded and it looks great. With all of these fun things we can do in the Winter, it makes me look forward to writing each final.

Love the North

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