Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Justin Bieber "Under the Mistletoe"

I have just began listening to Christmas music and haven't made it to Michael Buble yet because I am still enjoying the Justin Bieber album. It gives the traditional music a fresh new twist. My sister just purchased it this weekend to get herself and the family in the Christmas mood. The album has done that exactly, I am dreading finals and looking forward to the holidays even more. There are a couple of songs I question such as Drummer Boy but I am sure that will even grow on me. The songs are fun and catchy. People tease me for enjoying this one. I recommend you to keep your Bieber Fever a secret and listen to this album with headphones if you are embarrassed.

Reminds me of Jackson 5

Jordan III "Black Cement's" on lock (Mariah is looking great too)

Bieber is a romantic

Love the North

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