Thursday, December 8, 2011

Season of Giving

If you are in the same position as I am, I would assume that you are having difficulties finding gifts for friends and family. Even though people don't want to leave shopping until the last minute, it still happens. That's why I thought maybe I could help you out in some way or another. I have gotten some pretty neat gifts over the past few years.

Moccasins ($50):

My parents bought me a pair last year and I found a kiosk in the Centre Mall with a great selection. It is located just outside of People's Jewellers. There are sizes for children, women and men in a selection of colours. The beading designs are quite nice and the quality seems to be on point. I never thought it was something I really wanted but I have worn them for the past year now. It's a great thing to have at home, I am wearing them at the moment even.

Fine Dining (Value of your Choice):

My parents were always difficult to buy gifts for as a child. I figured they were tired of receiving my homemade presents, and with a job I could afford to step it up. I decided to buy them a gift as a pair. I used to think to myself: "If I was a parent, what kind of gift would I appreciate?" My siblings and myself would purchase them a gift certificate for a restaurant. It's not the fact that they are getting a free meal, but they are given the opportunity to spend time alone in peace and can for once enjoy each others company over a meal and drink.

Wool Socks & Long Johns ($10-$20):

These can be found almost at any department store, I would recommend going to places like Mark's Work Warehouse or Costco (if you have a membership). These were the gifts that I always disliked as a child. But as I aged, I finally realized how useful and nice they are to have. Whether you are out skating, sledding or building a fort, wool socks and long johns will assist you in staying warm and dry. It's that motherly gift, so it makes a good gift for your child, son-in law, grandson, etc.

Coffee Beans & Tea Leaves (Value of your Choice):

Coffee, tea and hot beverages in general are very popular when we reach those -40 days or when you are working hard at work or school. You are able to buy coffee beans and tea leaves at a variety of places and often in bulk. But it would be a cool idea to buy them locally. A lot of product at this moment are fair trade and free trade, with social responsibility trending more and more. Coffee beans and tea leaves can be found at places like Mystic Java, Broadway Roastery and The Better Good. These locations all have different options and unique choices. Melt hearts with this gift idea.

I hope by reading these gift ideas it has helped you come up with new ideas. If you have any recommendations, share with me by leaving a comment below. If I can come up with some more purchases within Saskatoon, I will write another post to continue my work here.

Love the North

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