Saturday, December 3, 2011

Drop-In Soccer

Yesterday I went to the Sasktel Soccer Centre to play some soccer. Basically you pay $4 to use the turf field for a couple of hours or you can purchase a membership. I always play soccer but there is football players there as well sometimes. One half of the field is always open. But if there is a lot of people attending, the entire field gets used.

I have been going there since the beginning of high school. It's always fun to practice on your own or to scrimmage with friends and random people playing. It's nice to be able to practice game situations or fool around, this cold weather doesn't have to stop us here in Saskatoon. People of all ages attend, so don't hesitate to come. I am unsure of the schedule for the month, but since it is almost Christmas and the indoor season takes a break, I would assume that there is more drop-in sessions open.

I will be playing as much as I can when I am not studying or working. If you ever are planning a kick around, let me know!

Love the North

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