Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Roots pt. 3

A couple of weeks ago, during the local Jazz Festival, I was fortunate enough to attend The Roots' concert. I say fortunate because, at first, I wasn't planning on attending and I waited until the day of to grab a sold out ticket (somehow my friend had an extra). Between arriving 5 hours early by accident, watching Questlove walk past me into his hotel, seeing Tuba Gooding Jr. jaywalk as he returned from the mall, and being hugged (several times..) by a drunk 40+ year old woman in the crowd, I'd say it was a good night. Apparently, The Roots are 1 of the 25 best live shows to see according to Rolling Stone, and this show wasn't an exception. I'd say I am an average Roots fan, Game Theory was my shit back when it was released in '06 and You Got Me was the first song of theirs I had ever heard. Didn't really dig Rising Down, but their newest album is a great listen especially with the Blu features.

I took some pictures and grabbed a few videos of the show with my camera: You Got Me, Get Busy, and some random stuff. Oh one more thing, I just have to say that Tuba Gooding Jr. exudes swag(ger) while playing.

At the end of the show Questlove threw out some of his covers to the crowd. I happened to catch one. Great night, great night.

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