Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye Calgary/Red Deer

My trip had gone as planned, I spent the majority of time with my family. Amazing food including: traditional chinese food, ribs, lobster and fish tacos. In our spare time we shopped, played basketball (I am worse than I thought I was), batting cages, arcade and seeing Inception.

When I was in Calgary Aashna and I saw Drake perform. We were in line outside for approximately two and a half hours. When we got in we realized there was no seating and it was way too hot. The crowd was very diverse and like usual everyone was spilling drinks on me. Overall Drake was good live, better at singing than I thought he would be.

We also did a bit of shopping, my favorite stop was Livestock where I purchased a Reigning Champ hood. Livestock is always cool because the guys there are knowledgable and welcoming. Cross Iron Mills was also new to me, it had a variety of stores that paid interest to everyone.

Lastly I received the Nissan Maxima, it is a lot more luxurious and fun than my Civic. I plan to show everyone photos when I get the chance.

R. Mack

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