Sunday, July 18, 2010

2011 Games

Lately this year I have been getting back into the 1 v 1 games that I played as a child, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. My cousin James had got me into both games when SNES was the thing. I was on IGN just looking at reviews and new trailers and I came across a couple. This first one is Mortal Kombat, I was never that good at MK but the characters and story always intrigued me much more than Street Fighter. I also used to get scared in MK 4 when your character died, he/she would fall in the pit of spikes. But in this new Mortal Kombat you are able to fight 2 v 2 in a tag team sort of setting. This makes me reminsce of Tekken Tag Team. I am excited for a good plot and violent gameplay.

The other game that has me excited is Marvel vs Capcom 3. Everytime this game comes out there is a change of characters, I just hope that my favorites are in it. My main concern with this game is whether the games playing style will be like previous Capcom games or Street Fighter in terms of doing super special attacks.

Both have me equally excited, this will result in late nights with the hello saskatoon family.

R. Mack

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