Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Roots

Today the plan was to go to The Roots with Aashna. While planning everything out, JJ had got a ticket and was able to come along with us. The show was supposed to start at five, but this was only because there were two opening bands who each got to play for a long period of time. The Roots really started at 8:45, the three of us had decided to go to the mall.

JJ had seen Questlove leave the Bes when he heard girls say "Hey that's the guy from The Roots with the pick!" We had also saw the tuba player j-walking, on the way to Midtown. When we got there, the mall was just closing so we had to leave. When we got outside it had started raining hard with strong gusts of dust. We decided to go home, it was around six o'clock by this time and we had completely missed my sister's birthday which we could have attended. At my house we ate cupcakes, pizza and played Street Fighter 4.

At eight we headed back to the show. It was amazing, other than the stench of marijuana, tall guys in front and people who elbowed Aashna in the face! At the end of the show, JJ got Questlove's autograph and I had shook Black Thought's hand. Aashna and I really have to make going the Jazz Festival an annual routine!

R. Mack

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