Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today started off well, watching South Africa and Mexico. Although South Africa did not win, it was a good game and I know there will be a lot more good games to come. Mike then came over and we discussed our new Hello Saskatoon project, all I have to say is get ready!

After I had lunch plans with Aashna,I was super excited. When I went to start my car, my battery died. Which was pretty sad because I had to spend money, not only that was disappointing but that I didn't get to do lunch with my darling!

After lunch I went out and sold some shirts with Mike, went to St. John's music for guitar strings and once again tried ordering Busenitz. I was super pissed because there were zero sizes in any colour ways. So instead Tyler Abrahamson and I ordered black and white Adidas Campus Vulcs. After we went skating at Kinsmen and the local church for a flatground session.

Supper at Denny's was so filling, I still feel sick haha. Dallas and I then went for a flatground skate behind Mo, working on flip tricks and consistency.

Ending the night with Tim Horton's with Aashna, today ended up being a good day.

R. Mack

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