Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Typical Tuesday evening

Dallas is right this wear is shit! I was recently at New Island with Dallas, JJ and Aashna (pictures below). After we left the building, it was a nice rain and a lot of lightning. By the time I got to Aashna's to drop her off it was raining harder then I had forgot my iPod and camera so I went back to grab my toys and say goodbye to Aashna. I hung out with her and watched her pack for a bit until it was time to leave. The hail was painful to both me and my car. The drive was very scary (no lie) and had taken me 30 minutes to get home because I had to pull over. If you had read earlier on when hello saskatoon was created you would remember that I had been in my accident and my door was replaced. The new door and window has allowed water to leak into my vehicle. Not too happy about that.

R. Mack

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