Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Roots pt.2

Like Ryan said, last night we saw The Roots at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival. Fortunately I had my camera on hand again to take some videos. I may take amateur-as-shit videos/pictures but it's all good! This will be a cross blog post as I'll be posting the finished thing on my other site Inno (shameless promotion), but in the meantime it's a HELLO SASKATOON EXCLUSIVE haha.

Sometime into the show Black Thought started to rap with The Roots crew's bongo drummer highlighted as a dope hype man. He didn't have a mic but he did the job better than I've ever seen live. The show was great and it was undoubtedly worth the $40. I have a few other videos of some dancing + random ish, You Got Me, and Get Busy.

Check back later.

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