Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lets Chat: Watching Soccer

I was talking to someone last week from Edmonton about where the best place in the city is to catch soccer matches. This got me thinking about where I usually go, and my friends and myself usually just drift place to place. Tournaments such as Champion's League, Europa and FA Cup have been quite exciting moving in to quarter final stages and lately I have been sitting at my house watching alone. The conclusion to this is that we as a soccer community need to be watching at a particular restaurant/pub/lounge/bar (preferably with Sportsnet World).

Leave a comment below of where you like to watch or where you would like to watch!

Yours Truly

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  1. I always prefer watching at someone's house over a lounge/pub etc. The restaurant atmosphere is fun but distracting. For a game I don't have a particular interest in its fine, but if its my team I'd rather a more low key venue, with just a couple of fellow fans.

    Also, nice picture. (***hole)