Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's Chat: Vine

So I guess the new big thing on Twitter is Vine. Now if you're not too sure on what Vine is, it's an app owned by Twitter that allows you to upload little six second clips to Vine, Twitter and/or Facebook if you choose.

The dandy thing about this app is that you can piece together these videos as you're recording. It starts recording the instant you put your thumb on the screen and stops once your thumb is off. So with that, you can create sequential scenes.

At this time it's only available to iPhones.

I'm moderately addicted to this app, mostly because I have the attention span of a gold fish. A photo can only share so much, but a six second video takes it a step further. It's short enough to convey a point. Sort of like, how funny can I make something or how can I show how beautiful something is within the time limit, it somewhat pushes a person to send a message across as quick as possible.

Because I mean, who has time to watch a minute video? Some of the funniest things I've seen all week were Vine videos.

So if you got an iPhone, are on Twitter and enjoy sharing moments of your life, why wouldn't you want Vine?

And I'm not being paid by Twitter, Vine is legitimately awesome.

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