Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hustle & Thrive | The Super Professionals EP

Chapter Thrive and Charly Hustle, the collaboration between the two makes sense. Partnered up during shows; an impromptu team of friend helping out a friend, up turned into a contagious high energy performance. Working alongside both Hustle & Thrive was always a good time, seeing either of the two on a Scratch event poster meant that night was going to get 'super professional'.

The SociaList Toast released December 2012, celebrated the good times at Scratch and the birth of the Super Professionals working together. After listening to The SociaList Toast, I wanted more from Hustle & Thrive.

*album cover photography by Jeremy Marucot (1Take Photography)

Hustle & Thrive recently released The Super Professionals (coined by Chad Reynolds after the two-piece finished a slightly intoxicated performance in the U of S Beer Gardens), a collection of topics of a young man's daily life backed by fun, up tempo, smart, high energy table work and wordplay. What I really like about The Super Professionals EP is that you get a very similar vibe that you would get from a live performance by Hustle & Thrive... and their live performances are top notch, that says a lot.

Do yourself a favor... pick up this 'seasonal depression pick me up' for whatever price you feel it is worth, run victory laps around 'Victory Lapse', and Enjoy!


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