Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Internet - Give It Time

Behind all the OFWGKTA hype, lay a little less over-theatrical duo comprised of Syd Tha Kid & Matt Martians known as The Internet. The duo feeds off of each other with Syd and Matt both sharing vocals and producing duties. The Internet came to my attention after hearing some featuring tracks on some old OF tapes. Earlier this year, The Internet released their first official album entitled Purple Naked Ladies. After hearing track #4 (formally known as "C*nt"), I went out of my normal music downloading routine and purchased it directly from iTunes.

After 8 months, The Internet finally releases new material with the newest single, "Give It Time" making my now playing. Best way that I can describe The Internet is 'timeless easy listening R&B electronic funk from the future'. Take a listen for yourself. Enjoy!

Check out this interesting documentary on The Internet's progress as musicians, lifestyle and the process of Purple Naked Ladies.

the Method to my Madness,

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