Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aftermath: Vamps, Tramps and Nerds - Halloween Cabaret

Thanks for those who came out last night to the Halloween Cabaret. I can't speak for the club members, but it seemed like a massive success to me.

I had a blast spinning at it. What I loved even more was having complete control over the music, from House to Nu Disco to Electro and I even threw in some Japanese tracks, heh. It was all across the board.

I shared the stage with Adam Kirk, aka Helium 3 and he threw down a fantastic set that got everybody working it.

All in all, last night was the best time I've had in a while. With the music, drinks and dancing like a fool in front of all those people, I'd definitely do it again in a heart beat.

If there are any other events that I sign myself up for, Hello Saskatoon will be the first to know.

Once again, if you came, and you're reading this. Thank you.

Also, shout outs to the Juggalos who were dancing early on in the night, I love you.

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