Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just a Taste: Rock Creek

Rock Creek is located in the new shopping area by Tim Horton's and Kentucky Fried Chicken in Erindale and Willow Grove.

This restaurant to me has that Moxie's feel. But if you are of age and the weather is nice, you will be pleased with their patio set up. Its roomy and the fire gives off the right amount of heat on a cool evening.

The menu consists of many burger, sandwich, salad and pizza options alongside ribs, steaks, chickens and others. 

I went with a jalapeno and cheddar burger which was very large and delicious. I was quite full after eating this and the fries. Other than Earl's and Fuddrucker's this has been the largest burger that I have eaten in the city. I also tried the pizza, the thin crust really does it. It allows you to focus on the flavour of the ingredients, which was great.

The prices are a bit high and the service was on the slower end but the food truly was good. Now that the hype has died off, come check out this restaurant and give me your thoughts.

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  1. did u try the gravy? disgusting! not sure what it is, but certainly not a gravy....more of a horrible tasting demi-glaze...ugg.