Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just a Taste: Mi Hong

It's located on 115th Street right beside the Bulk Cheese Warehouse.

It looks like many other Vietnamese or Oriental restaurants but it doesn't mean it's the same as them. There are photos of the family on the walls, which is nice because relationships are the key to succeeding as a family business and it shows. The father and daughters are excellent hosts. Everyone is friendly and prices are reasonable.

There is something for everyone, whether you like spring rolls, salad rolls, pho, vermicelli or home style dishes. You can eat alone or share with family and friends.

I ordered lemongrass chicken salad rolls and charbroiled pork and spring rolls on vermicelli. The chicken in the roll was very flavourful and the sauce along with it was very good too. The portion of the noodles was a bit small for my liking but that flavour was spot on!! The pork, spring roll and fish sauce were great.

The staff is friendly, the food is tasty and affordable and it's perfect for those of you living in the North end.

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  1. Most of my favorite restaurants started out as a family business and they grew into successful chains of restaurant thanks to their value of hard work. In the centralized setting, family office management is at the heart of it.