Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a Taste: The Berry Barn

The Berry Barn is located on Valley Road about ten minutes outside of the city. You simply follow the road outside of the city by Montgomery area. Circle Drive turns into Valley Road when you leave the city.

Going to the eatery you have a choice of eating inside or in the sun room. The restaurant is quite cluttered and there are souvenirs and artwork for sale within the restaurant.

The menu isn't big but there are a lot of appealing dishes. Many meals take advantage of the fresh fruits available in both meals and desserts.

I ordered cottage cheese perogies in a cream gravy with cabbage rolls as my main, ate some chicken wings in a Saskatoon berry BBQ sauce and had the Berry Treasure for dessert.  The cabbage rolls were very small and to be honest kind of disappointing. But the perogies on the other hand were the exact opposite, the filling was good and the gravy was savoury and addicting. The wings were also really good, having fresh ingredients really did it for me. I was not expecting to be able to taste the Saskatoon berries in the BBQ sauce. The Berry Treasure is Saskatoon berry, raspberry and rhubarb oatmeal with a homemade ice cream. It was really sweet, but it was tasty. I'd recommend for you to share it rather than eat it alone.

On your day off check out the Berry Barn on a hot day. You can pick berries, eat a meal or dessert or go for a walk. This was my first time going in almost ten years and it was a good time.

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