Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vaughn de Heart

RoyLyn, owner of Vaughn de Heart has just finished celebrating two years of creating quality garments. Vaughn de Heart is based out of California but also has many Italian and French influences. I honestly think he has been one of my original hello saskatoon followers, as well as one of my first twitter followers. I have no idea how he found the blog but I appreciate it.

Vaughn de Heart has printed tees to shoe bags. The designs are always clean. Many pieces give me that university or college feel. The best part is that each series or theme is limited and different from the past one. Here is a video he has created:

2 year anniversary from Vaughn de Heart on Vimeo.

Hopefully we will see more good things from Vaughn de Heart. Best of luck from us at hello saskatoon.

R. Mack

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