Saturday, May 14, 2011


Lately I've been quite bored with the gym and instead I have been going to Forest Park to play soccer. Just to do some of the basics, dribbling, juggling and shooting. A few of us get some balls and just practice on placing shots or play small sided games. It's nice to get a touch on the ball, especially with the new pair of boots I have been playing in (Adipure I).

This season I am playing on a division 3 team just to play a bit, the league is full of brutes. Profanity, fighting and bad sportsmanship are going to be the themes of the season, but I am there just to play. We had our first game Thursday night and we won by a large amount too, something like 9-2? But with the talk of all of the Huskies tryouts and training makes me miss that competitive soccer. There is always the consideration of maybe playing again, but there is also my thoughts of finishing school as soon as possible. The other difficulty is to prove whether I am good enough, where I have to work on my weaknesses such as shooting, fitness and dedication. I was also asked to play with a competitive team from the past, so this may just re-spark my commitment to the game. All I can say is: keep doing what you love.

R. Mack

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