Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a Taste: Earl's & Bacchus

One of my favorite places to grab a drink and some appetizers would be at Bacchus, one of the lounges located within Earl's. It's nice to be able to socialize and listen to good music at the same time, they even play The Weeknd. Service from the bartenders, waiters and waitresses are always on point, even when it gets busy. The menu isn't overly creative, just a whole bunch of gourmet meals. I enjoy items such as ribs, chili chicken with rice and a refreshing Albino Rhino (house beer). The only concerns are that it is generally pretty busy and that there are some sketchy people that like to hang out by the bar at times. Stop by and visit the homies this summer, they'll get you a drink to quench your thirst.
 Chili chicken with coconut rice

R. Mack

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