Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Lately my brother has been spending an hour every Saturday watching Dragon Ball Z Kai. Apparently the difference between this and the classic Dragon Ball Z is the theme song and now many "filler" episodes have been removed. Although there is controversy of whether the story has changed, only two seasons have been released. In my memory I do remember fight scenes lasting 10 episodes. But now he has begun to watch episodes on Megavideo where I now join him. It's like grade 2 all over again, watching countless hours of Dragon Ball. I forgot how much I enjoyed it all, my cousin was really into which drove me to like it as well. I have seen it all: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and all of the both Cantonese and English. This is also a terrible thing to do before finals because I get addicted to television series easily (I watched all Big Bang Theory and Modern Family episodes in two weeks).

R. Mack

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