Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Study Breaks

When I'm not studying I have been continuing with my addiction to Dragonball. I finally caught up and watched up to episode 84 in Dragonball Z Kai. Posts ago I mentioned that there was some controversy over whether the Dragonball Z was different from Kai. The story is the exact same but there are less episodes making it a lot easier to watch. Episode 85 in the original series was when Goku comes out of the healing chamber to fight Frieza on Namek while episode 85 in Kai is right before the Cell Games. This newer season makes it easier to watch and is more enjoyable in my opinion.

Last night I started to watch the old movies, so far I have seen: "Dead Zone", "The World's Strongest", "The Tree of Might" and "Lord Slug". These have all been before the arrival of Raditz so there are minimal characters and Gohan is still a child. If anyone wants to watch, I have been watching Dragonball Z Kai in Japanese on Anime Freak and the movies on via JJ.

R. Mack

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