Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Top of the Hops 2013

This past Thursday, my friend and I hit up Top of the Hops for the first time. It's simple, you just pay for admission and then you can buy as many tickets for food and drinks as your heart (or stomach) desires. Each ticket was $0.50 and drinks were anywhere from two to six tickets. These drinks could be stingy or generous, it all depends on which booth you went to.

The crowd was filled with a variety of ages and personalities. Some people, were there to pre-drink for parties while others were genuinely interested in trying new/different products like myself. I was able to try many different beers and wines that I would not have otherwise thought of trying for a small price. Some beers are new to Saskatchewan or some cannot even be attained in the country. I ran into friends too, where we were able to make recommendations to one another. It's quite the social event, I plan on going again next year!

Yours Truly

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