Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a Taste: Lebanese Kitchen

Lebanese Kitchen can be found on Emerson St. and 8th Street by the A&W.

Lebanese Kitchen is a hidden gem. Before recommendation's being given to me, I had no idea that this restaurant even existed. It's a small little restaurant with about four tables and old decor. Looking at the restaurant, you would never expect the food to be as good as it is. One guy was working along during the lunch that I had gone for take-out. He was very easy-going and efficient, I was happy with the service that we received.

I honestly didn't observe the menu as much as I should have but they serve popular Middle Eastern dishes. I did notice that they sold shawarmas, falafels and other platters.

We ordered a beef shawarma and a couple of falafels. It was tightly packed and mixed with vegetables really well. They contained their respected filling (beef for the shawarama's instance), onions, lettuce and tomatoes. I was surprised of how mess-free it was. Inside was a tzatziki-like sauce, it was dilly and tangy giving the wrap a good zing. The falafel was even better in my opinion, I will definitely have to order it next time.

After eating here, I am destined to find my favourite shawarama/falafel joint in the city. Lebanese Kitchen definitely set the bar high for me. The good service and good food under a humble building made a long lasting impression on me. I'll be back!

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