Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SIGN THE PETITION | Help Skateboarding in Canada

I recently read this article about how Nova Scotia laws are putting skateboarders on the back burner. With this law in place, Skateboarders aren't allowed to skateboard on sidewalks anywhere (not even on their own street) and you aren't allowed to skateboard without a helmet anywhere in the city. With a total of three fines, Skateboarders are being turned away from car insurance (to remind you - for skateboarding on a sidewalk or without a helmet).

We are very fortunate with what we have for skateboarding in Saskatoon, let's prevent this law from going in a trickle effect from east to west. Let's help Canadian Skateboarding.

Please take time to read the article on CBC, and sign the petition to help our friends out east. 



*To clear any mislead ideas, I fully support wearing a helmet. Everyone should wear a helmet, you only have one brain. The idea of singling out Skateboarding, and Skateboarders as a whole bothers me. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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