Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Essentials | Chris Watchorn (Oak + Oar)

Let me give you a short summary of who Chris is. Chris is the owner and designer of Oak + Oar, a clothing company based out of Winnipeg. We began talking through the use of social media over the Christmas break and I thought that you as a reader would enjoy what he and his brand have to offer. We have a story to tell and this is only the first chapter. There will be more to read and see as the week goes on.

3sixteen+ 21BSP Denim - Chances are if you run into me I will be wearing one of two pairs of these. This particular pair was purchased at Self Edge in San Franciso a year and a half ago. In my humble opinion, the 3sixteen+ denim collection features some of the best fitting and quality Japanese denim money can buy. These ones are 18oz and fit like they were custom tailored for me. All in the details.

15" MacBook Pro - This this is a life line. I probably put in too much time on this thing but it is usually productive time.

iPhone 4G / HEX case- Much like the MacBook this thing is on my person at all time. Most frequented apps include Instagram (@oakandoar), TSN Mobile, CBC Music, WPG Jets, Winnipeg Free Press and as of late the recent addition of SquareUp. If you have a small scale business this is a great app for mobile credit card processing. I forgot to include the card reader plugin that simply plugs in the headphone jack. Check it out. The Hex case was a gift from my wife. Wanted to consoildate my wallet and phone into one and this was a great solution.

Muji Card Holder - this was an acquisition made in New York at Muji. Trying to make habit of keeping cards on me at all time. MOO prints some really great and rather inexpensive cards.

DSPTCH Key Chain - DSPTCH is a SF based company run be an acquaintance. I actually have three of these now. I have one for each set of car keys and a third for the cabin keys. This particular one is their Black/3M option and was purchased from Reed Space. These things are great. Not only are my TL keys always secured, but if I ever require it, I have 7ft of Commercial Type III 550 Parachute Cord which is sure to come in handy sometime at the lake.

Blistex DCT - When you live in harsh and varying climates like we do, you can never go wrong keeping one of these in tow.

RayBan Original Wayfarer - Insert Hipster comment.

Oak + Oar Guitar Picks - When I started packing orders in May I wanted to put something small in with each order. Stickers were my initial thoughts but I wanted something that could be a bit more relevant to the cottage aspect of the brand. Guitar picks seemed fitting because guitars are almost a given at the lake. I like to leave a few of these around town. Left a few of these at the YXE. 

Tanner Goods Belt - I think they call this colour Havana. Funny story with this though. I borrowed it while an intern to wear to the MTV Music Awards (I was just a seat filler but I wanted to look the part). From there I never took it off. Literally. In fact I think this is the only thing I have ever stolen in my life.

Those are the essentials. That and an Oak + Oar hoodie but didn't know which one to put in as I seem to rotate through about five of them, all Medium and either Black or Heather. The benefits of having a company means you can print one of samples for yourself.

You can follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram at @OakandOar.

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