Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just a Taste: Prairie Harvest Cafe

Prairie Harvest is a hidden gem that can be found on Early Drive by Brevoort Elementary School.

The restaurant is small and holds 33 people. It has a real "earthy" feel, the wood and earth tones play a huge role on that. The art work around the restaurant is funny too, it doesn't necessarily fit but it is quite amusing. For instance, there was a picture drawn by a child above our table that was nicely framed. Our server was polite and attentive, she worked alone when we went for lunch.

The menu is small but specific. All dishes are made with local foods, we even saw a family drop off fresh vegetables at the restaurant. They had a vegan lasagna, vegetarian chili, a veggie burger, daily fish sandwiches, a pulled pork sandwich, local liquors and maple bacon donut for instance. There is truly something for everyone.

We ordered a veggie burger with beet borscht and the turducken burger with beet and potato chips. I had the chance to take a bite of the veggie burger which was delicious, it had a bean taste and was savoury. I went with the turducken burger, which is a turkey, duck and chicken burger. It had a cranberry aioli which gave it a sweet taste while the bacon gave it a salty taste, giving my tastebuds a nice balance. The beet and potato chips were a nice side with hummus, also offering a sweet and salty taste.

This place is delicious. I had a great experience and definitely plan on coming again. I would probably order the turducken burger again, but somehow try to leave some space in my stomach for the maple bacon donuts.

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