Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nike Sportswear | Solarsoft Moccasin Premium

Here is a new colour way of the NSW Solarsoft Moccasin that is coming in Spring 2013. It has the inspiration of a moccasin with the feel of a runner. I love the idea that Nike can transfer its innovations in footwear technology to other departments within the brand. Hopefully I can land myself a pair of these.

Yours Truly


  1. That is the kind of shoes I needed for training! I am planning to run this weekend and right now, I am looking for the best running there is.

  2. At, first, if you would look at it, you would think of style, and not sports. But once you get to wear and run with them, you'll feel the comfort in running! I'm sure this would be great for baseball too. Thanks!

  3. Theses shoes would look stylish even in golf attire. I've seen a friend of mine, wearing this pair while playing golf! If they would manufacture golf shoes of the same style, I'd be glad to try them out too!