Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is near and because the world did not end, you may now have realized that you need to buy some last minute gifts (like Brennan). I thought I would comprise a small list to help you spark some ideas.

1. David's Tea Gift Certificate:

As you know, the weather sucks and its difficult to get your day going when you're tired and unmotivated. A gift like this allows you to purchase daily morning teas or even leaves so that you can make it at home. This place has been hyped up by a lot of my friends and after having it a couple of times I know why. These can be purchased at the Lawson Heights and Midtown Plaza locations.

2. Edgewater Spa Gift Certificate:

This idea was chosen for women because of the offerings but it doesn't mean that it will fail as a men's gift. Manicures, pedicures, massages, you name it, they got it. Edgewater is located on Broadway Avenue right by the bridge.

3. Dinner:

My favourite gift to receive and a good one to give is to take the gift receiver for a meal. It's tangible, with its intangible benefits. Spending time with someone and conversing over a good meal in my opinion is a great time. Some options could be The Keg, The Granary and Otowa for an intimate social experience. For a group of people, Earls, Keo's and Sushiro are great options.

4. Touch Screen Gloves:

Now that many people own smart phones and tablets, these gloves can be really handy. These are made by many different outerwear companies such as The North Face and Burton. They can be used as a liner underneath your winter gloves or on their own. The gloves can be used for driving and even look good with a suit. These gloves can be found at majority of outerwear stores.

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