Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Chat: UNIQLO

Howdy from hot and sweaty Japan.

One of Japan's flagship stores, in my opinion, has to be UNIQLO.

The plain and simple of it all is: UNIQLO is like a Japanese H&M. It's simple, awesome fitting clothes for a fraction of the price you would pay at say... American Apparel.

Granted, I'm a bigger dude. Especially in Japan. (Un)fortunately UNIQLO has all I really want in clothes. In order to wear the clothes from here, you gotta be a slim guy. Which is basically the majority of men in Japan.

I grabbed a few button up shirts, a bunch of manga graphic t-shirts (they're not tacky I promise) and a full on field jacket for 150.00 bucks.

If I were to pull those kinds of purchases in say... Edmonton, that would run me to 300.00+ I swear to Buddha.

So honestly, if you're ever in Japan, San Francisco or New York, go to UNIQLO. It's completely worth it.


  1. The one in SF is cool, they're actually working on a second one.

  2. I've always want to go to Japan, did you check out the bape store. Alright later.