Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just a Taste: Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar

Pure is in  Erindale/Willow Grove in the shopping centre by Tim Horton's and such. We can expect to see a second location soon though!

The place is small but has a cool modern look to it. Everything is white and kept clean so that it looks nice. The frozen yogurt dispensers and toppings are at the back and seating is in the front. The citrus water at the till adds a nice touch too.

Rather than ordering from a menu you are able to make your own recipe and paying for it based on its weight. You can choose from different yogurts every day and add toppings like candy, fruit, cereal, sauces, whipped creams and more.

I always go for the New York Cheese Cake yogurt when available but yesterday I had to settle for the orange which is also really good. They also had vanilla, coconut, chocolate and raspberry just to name a few. For toppings I had to just get fruit, I never go for the candy. It always leaves me satisfied with its refreshing taste.

Pure is a great alternative to an ice cream. I am not quite sure about the nutritional facts but I like to believe that it is healthier. They are always quite busy so sometimes you have to enjoy your dessert outdoors or in your vehicle haha. Just because Summer is coming to end, does not mean you need to cut back on cool treats. Just check out the rating on Urban Spoon, this place is a hit!

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