Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview: Diane Herron

Diane Herron is a photographer born and raised in Saskatoon. In 2009 she left to Edmonton to attend the Photographic Technology program at NAIT. Today she runs Diane Herron Photography and Lush Boudoir locally in Saskatoon.

Diane and I attended St. Joseph High School together and to be completely honest we did not talk much if not at all. But thanks to the magic of social media I got a chance to talk to this lovely lady about her work, iPhone camera lenses and the end of times.

Here we go.

Alright, so first off what is your photography business called?
Well I have Diane Herron Photography which is the more general couples, engagements, fashion, editorial kind of work. I am working on a boudoir business called Lush Boudoir, which would be more boudoir, glamour, and contemporary glamour type of work.

When did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?
I've always had a camera when I was younger and for some reason I had no idea that I could make a career out of it. When I graduated high school I just said to myself "If I could do anything and not fail at it what would I do?" Photography was the answer haha.

Hah, did you take Photo 10 with Mr. Lepage?
Funny story, I did but it was first period and I dropped it so I could sleep in for an extra hour every day.

Hah! Sound choice. I did the same with calculus. 4th period spare. More lunch for me.
4th and 5th... Afternoon nap haha.

Oh high school, I miss how simple it was.
I know! So simple.

So moving on, what are your tools of the trade?
Not a lot all I have is a Canon 50D & 50mm 1.4 lens... Reflectors, ND filter, Photoshop. I do have one light with a beauty dish that I use.

It does the trick I reckon?
Yes! It is perfect for portraits. The light just wraps around the skin very nicley, not harsh.

Oh you can totally tell in your work. Sometimes when I sneak peeks at other peoples' work, it seems like a lot of the work is overly done in Photoshop or something.
Yeah that is so sad. People are just destroying the quality of their work. Instead of spending all that time in Photoshop, spend time on exposing the subject properly is the way to go I think. Isn't that what photography is supposed to be? Hahah.

Haha definitely. That being said, Photoshop can help, but I don't think people should be too reliant on it.
Yeah it doesn't even look professional I think.. If they are trying to be professional I guess.

Haha well, do what they must. So you went to school for photography yes?
Yes, I took a 2 year course at NAIT

Nice and what would you say was the most important thing you've learned out of those two years?
Good question. Hmm... This may sound cheesy but to believe in myself. To not limit myself, that I can do anything I put my mind to. There were a lot of shoots I would have never achieved if I limited myself or if I felt I would have failed. I almost failed a semester because I thought I sucked, and I just changed the way I thought of myself and my abilities and everything changed.

Hey nothing wrong with that. Confidence goes a long way.
It really does.. I heard a really good quote somewhere. "To be successful you need 2 things. Confidence and ignorance." Good quote.

Some how I feel that I should follow that.
Haha definitely. It's just kinda saying that you can't fail if you just go do it and have no idea whats going on.

So basically, "you'll never know until you try".
Yes basically.

Ace, alright one last point about photos. What do you think of this:

... Are those lenses?

Yes haha. This matter requires your complete honesty. I saw this in a magazine and I was like... Why?
That is so weird. I don't know what to think of it really. I just hope I am not at a wedding one day and the photographer is using his iPhone. If that never happens then it's still weird. I hope it's a fad.

Hahah its gotta be.
Have you seen someone use that?

I have not and I think I'll be ok if I never do. It's so overboard.

Off Topic Questions

Favourite colour
Baby pink hahah.

Favourite movie
My Best Friend's Wedding or Anchorman. Depends what mood I am in.

Favourite song currently
Don't Go by Fascinoma!! I listen to it 10 times a day. Awesome.

Nerdiest thing you own. With picture preferably haha.
My bright pink New Orleans cat t-shirt. It was $20.

Oh my god that is too fantastic.
Hahah is it bad that I am wearing it right now as we speak?

Absolutely not. I would wear that until earth collapses. So for eight more months.
Hahahahah oh yeah I forgot about that. Can't wait.

I don't know what to expect. Half of me wants something to happen and the other half would rather not die. Does that make me crazy?
I am the same way. I think it would be so cool to be alive and to see the world end, but it would be sad because we are so young.

No lie.
But if just humans went away and the earth stayed I would be okay with that haha.

Haha Earth would be much better without us on it as cynical as that sounds, but oh well.
I know! Hahah we suck.

Hahaha agreed. So any last words?
I wish I had my diary it has great quotes in there but, "If you want something you've never had then you have to do something you've never done." I don't know who originally said that.

Drina Reed?
Hahah no idea.. is that who actually said it? I guess Googling would give us the answer.

Haha that's what I did.

Anybody can be brilliant behind a computer.
So true. My friend worked for a studio and built the whole website because of Google... She hated it but she did it.

Hahahaha programming is a horrible awful mistress. Thanks again for letting us interview you!
Thanks! It was fun, thanks for wanting to interview me that is so cool. I am excited to see it!

You can follow Diane on Twitter @deephotos
Also you can check out her work at Diane Herron Photography and Lush Boudoir

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