Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Weeknd - House of Balloons (Download)

House Of Balloons
The Weeknd is a 20 year old — mystery — R&B act based out of Toronto, who has an impressive stranglehold over my attention with his soulful, explicit, and surprisingly lyrical content. The vocals are set atop a variety of ambient production alternating in style from track to track. The likes of Toronto’s Doc McKinney (responsible for Wicked Games and Coming Down) and Illangelo are sure collaborators on the production side of things. While my thoughts on the matter also extend to other producers.. it’s still unconfirmed and unclear. What is clear are The Weeknd’s family who make up XO (think OVO): La Mar, Hyghly Alleyne, Omari Shakir, Scott Hall, J. Wilson, and the aforementioned producers. Drake and October’s Very Own are the ones who have put the world up onto The Weeknd by cosigning all of his music. Garnering much deserved attention, The Weeknd released this mixtape last Sunday with no warning except a single tweet; truly solidifying the power of the internet.

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