Monday, March 28, 2011

Drew Tofin Band

This past Friday, I attended the Drew Tofin Band at the Bassment. I have known Drew since elementary school and he had always shown interest in being a musician. I remember his family's large collection of instruments and his older brothers playing as I was much younger. Hearing him play as other genres, jazz music was a nice change. They performed a great show, soulful vocals and excellent solos from the musicians. As well as there were laughs being shared by everyone, Drew brought out his comedic personality. 

It was also my first time being at the Bassment. It's located on 23rd and 4th downtown. It was a bit difficult to find, seeings that the entrance was at the side of a building with very little advertising. As you enter, there is a bar with reasonable priced beverages and food. As the pictures below show, the lighting was pretty dim with stage lights. It wasn't too big, but there was enough seating for all of the viewers, along with a dance floor being used by all ages. No matter how much you love music or what genre you prefer to listen to, everyone will enjoy and appreciate the performance. 

Love the North,

R. Mack

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